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You may not recognize the name, but you’ve been playing our stuff for years! Our patents of eccentric drive cams over twenty years ago, lead to licensing our designs which include the Black Max and DW 9000 bass drum pedals and Hi-Hats.

We have devoted almost 35 years to making drumming more of an exciting experience. Renown artists such as Barry Kerch, Van Romaine, Walfredo Reyes Jr. Among many others use and trust our products


Products that truly improve your playing, without breaking the bank, no gimmicks.

Buzzkill. Only $29.99 + FREE S&H*

The Buzzkill is specifically designed to eliminate that annoying snare drum buzz caused by basses, guitars, toms or any other instrument WHILE STILL keeping your snare open, fat, and as sensitive as always.

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There was a lot of physics involved in the development of the Buzzkill. Because in it’s simplest form, a snare drum is two diaphragms held in tune at 16 to 20 fixed points.

A snare drum and it’s heads have nodes that vibrate and nodes that remain still due to and depending upon how the drum is tuned. It is this complexity of possible sounds and how they react with other sounds around the drum that lead to the shape and construction of the Buzzkill


Quick Torque Cam. From $49.95 + FREE S&H*

We set a new standard for bass drum pedals once. We're doing it again.

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Modeled after the cam on a compound bow, The Quick Torque Cam is an after-market add-on that can be installed on just about any pedal without any permanent modification. In summary, it uses a unique, adjustable design to maximize the efficiency of any force you apply to the pedal.

Using The Quick Torque Cam on the return spring reduces the pressure required to push the pedal down, while multiplying the return force generated by the return spring. The yield is that the pedal returns the beater 30% faster with less spring tension which provides more impact.... It's simple physics and simply WORKS!

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Flatheadz, from 16.99 + FREE S&H*

Flatheadz gauged hoop design provide measuring lines at every tuning lug to assure the head is pulled equally all around the drum.

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The patented FLATHEADZ gauge system also helps keep the drum in tune by showing which lugs have backed off Use the FLATHEADZ gauge to precisely harmonize the distance between the top and bottom heads

Quickly and precisely re-tune any drum to the preferred "Sweet Spot" with confidence and consistency All being equal is essential in drum tuning, FLATHEADZ gives you a simple and permanent solution to do just that


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