About Us

Over 30 years of innovation.

Eccentric Systems has devoted more than years to making pedals faster, smoother and more efficient. Our history shows the success our designs have had in creating new lines of pedals for major companies.

With the development of our Quick Torque Cam design, Eccentric Systems is once again..... "Thinking way outside the box". Rather than build a new pedal to get the most out of the technology. Why not design the technology to get the most out of the pedals Players ALREADY HAVE!

The story.

In 1981 Eccentric Systems founder Lucas Jacobson, a drummer since age 8, was frustrated in his inability to play certain fills from the recently released RUSH Moving Pictures Album on a single bass drum. As practice increased, it was found the problem lie not with the foot, but with the pedal. Determined to improve the mechanics of pedals. Lucas embarked on the journey that has evolved into Eccentric Systems as a company, and the use of eccentric motion in the evolution pedals. In 1987 Eccentric Systems received it’s first patent for an eccentric motion drive cam bass drum pedal. First marketed under the name “Black Max” the technology was well accepted and positively reviewed by both Modern Drummer and Rhythm magazines in 1990. After some time spent as an engineer at Honeywell, and a start up computer company called Fieldworks; Eccentric Systems bass pedal and high hat design refinements caught the attention of Drum Workshop’s founder Don Lombardi.

The designs were licensed to Drum Workshop and in 2004 were released as the DW 9000 Series Bass Pedal and Hi-Hat. Eccentric Systems continued designing hardware and in 2005 patented the visual assist tuning hoop called “Flatheadz”. Then in 2009 an improved bass pedal spring arm was patented along with the 2009 Patent of the “Quick Torque”, torque adjustable eccentric return spring cam. Eccentric Systems designed and in 2011 applied for patents for a tunable melodic shaker called the “Shonga” shaker and the “Shonga” Guiro. Also in 2011, Eccentric Systems began manufacturing its designs and launched as a manufacturing company at winter NAMM 2012. Also in 2012 Eccentric Systems received the endorsements of Ronnie Ciago, Mike Bennett, Brian Head, David Stanoch, Aaron Edgar, Jeff Nicholas, Michael Bissonnette, Charlie Chavez, Luis Chocs Campos, among others.